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Experience of developed countries, including the USA, shows the importance of improving the legal foundation and mechanism for implementing public policies in the social security sphere.

The basis for the development of SS offices in the United States became the Social Security Act 1935, providing for compulsory pension insurance for old age and disability, unemployment insurance, medical assistance program for needy children, elderly persons with disabilities; assistance from the federal budget for children living in low-income families or single parent or relatives; financial assistance from the federal budget to the blind, complete and permanent disabilities, financial assistance to states for maternal and child health.

Most Americans - about 85 per cent – are not rich and not poor. They represent a broad economic category, called "middle class". Belonging to the middle class means that a person either works in a factory, a store manager or a qualified professional - a teacher or health worker. Farmers, police officers and salesmen also belong to this category. Usually these people live well, have a car, enjoy the holiday every year and are able to pay, at least in part, their children's education at the university. Above this middle class on the economic ladder are very rich people. Below – are the poor ones. In the USA it's rather difficult to identify the poverty. Generally, poor family consists of three person, annual income is 8000 dollars or less per year.

The social security system in the USA was so wide that in the early and mid-1960 almost half of all spending federal money were paid to "social needs", that is to help people. It is twice more than in the 60's, when the provision of social programs consumed only about 25 percent of the federal budget.

In addition to federal government programs of all fifty states conduct their own outreach programs. Program of Assistance to the poor include:

In addition, there is a program of subsidized housing to the poor people - and not just the poor - families in houses built from the budget. Federal, state and municipal authorities shall ensure that the apartments in these buildings brought down to families with low incomes.

Government agencies provide the content houses, paying for staff, repairs and heating. In the absence of public housing the poor, not homeless, sometimes housed in private apartments or in hotels at government expense.